Sunday, April 6, 2014

Authors in Bloom

Spring is all about the enjoyment of early flowers, returning birds and painted Easter eggs. So whether you're baking Easter goodies or scrambling morning eggs, don't forget to save those eggshells! Eggshells are rich in calcium, and calcium is considered one of the secrets to successful gardening.

How many crushed eggshells do you add to the soil? A gardening friend says she adds about twelve eggshells to the bottom of every tomato planting hole and has never had a problem with blossom end rot. I crushed twelve eggshells using a mort and pestle, measured the resulting coarse powder, and learned that 1/3 cup of crushed eggshells equals 12 eggs. Don’t have a mort and pestle? A plastic container and a smooth rock works just as well. I collect eggshells all winter long so I have plenty for springtime planting.

To thwart lettuce-eating slugs and snails, encircle plants with a ring of crushed eggshells. The slimy villains don’t like the shells’ sharp edges and won’t slither across the barrier.

As an added bonus, worms like eggshells, so eggshell-enriched garden soil may help attract and keep a healthy worm population. Calcium-rich worm castings. That sounds like a win-win situation!

Speaking of winning . . . U.S. residents who comment on every participant's blog will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a Kindle or Nook e-reader and a $25 gift card. Be sure to include an email address in your comment so we can contact the winners.

U.S. and international visitors who enter my rafflecopter drawing have a chance to win one of three electronic copies of my social science fiction novel, Moons’ Kiss. To make it fun, tell us which state or country you hail from.

They found him in the South Ofrann Desert, where everything evil lived. Most called him a demon. One leader thought this man-without-a-past held the key to tribal peace and prosperity. That leader’s enemies saw an opportunity to gain control of the nation.

* * * *

“Ms. Comeau's tale slowly drew me in and by the end I found myself comparing it to another sci-fi book, Stranger In A Strange Land by a master of the genre, Robert Heinlein." --Tavin Gamache, The Indie Bookshelf

“I won't give away any spoilers as that would ruin the joy of reading this story, but I can say that from the tender moments of unfulfilled love to riots that threatened to topple a city, this book grips the reader and just doesn't let go.” —Tarah Scott, Historical Romance Author

“I do not know what I enjoyed more the plot with the challenges the characters had to face or the wonderful ending.” —

“The twist in the ending leaves you thinking about the story long after you have finished the book. This is definitely going to be a book I will remember.” --Misty Rios

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