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A rare find that reminds me why I love reading, April 4, 2012
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This review is from: Moons' Kiss (Kindle Edition)

There are loads of different kinds of sci-fi to choose from--from hard sci-fi to far away alien cultures that stretch the imagination. But Moon's Kiss is one of those rare, mainstream science fiction novels that takes us into a reality not quite our own--but one that so easily could be ours.

Manerra, the young man who would choose almost any fate except that which is his: to rule. His brother Aya, another son of the gods, who knows his people stand on the brink of a change that even he can barely conceive of. And Kayarra, the "demon" who very well may decide the fate of an entire people, despite his efforts to the contrary.

I won't give away any spoilers as that would ruin the joy of reading this story, but I can say that from the tender moments of unfulfilled love to riots that threatened to topple a city, this book grips the reader and just doesn't let go.

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