Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7.15.2012

Excerpt from Moons' Kiss, available in print and ebook from, Smashwords, and other book retailers:
Gradually, he realized she would stand there forever before violating whatever protocol he failed to grasp.  He stepped closer and touched her arm.
She started, then gestured toward bowls set at the pool's edge, one full of sand, another full of leaf fragments, and spoke in a rush.  She indicated a robe lying across the bench, lifted an edge of the robe to show him a length of gray cloth underneath, and the realization struck that he was expected to bathe in the pool.
He looked at her then, wondering whether custom required her presence, and what services she was expected to perform during that bath.  He felt the pulsing pressure of arousal.
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  1. it kinda pasted in weird, words are broken up...but this is a cool snippet!