Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 3: Worlds of Wonder

Welcome to Day 3 of Worlds of Wonder blog hop, where anything is possible . . . on Earth and across the galaxy. Imagination is the only limitation on adventure, so prepare to escape the known world and immerse in realms where rumors, myths and legends abound.

Moons’ Kiss

They found him in the South Ofrann Desert, where everything evil lived. Most called him a demon. One leader thought this man-without-a-past held the key to tribal peace and prosperity. That leader's enemies saw an opportunity to gain control of the nation.



He resisted that call, afraid if he acknowledged it, the pain would return with sanity-robbing intensity. He clung to the colors of the dream, both fascinated and appalled by the vividness of the images. He lifted his wrist toward the bird that hovered, that wanted to alight, but the bird was being plucked by the wind. Its feathers cascaded around him like iridescent snow.

"Aya, I need you to hear me."

He opened his mouth and gasped a breath of air.

"Someone saw you fall, saw you carried here, and told others. Citizens have panicked. Korrane's on the roof, so is Manerra, but they aren't being heard. The mob thinks you're dead. They want Kayarra."

Aya turned his head but could not open his eyes. Something prevented him from doing so. "House," he whispered, although it was hard to talk. Even harder to think.

"If we carry you to the roof, can you stand, just until you're seen?"

"Yes," he said, although Shurna didn't answer his question about the house, about its security. How many peacekeepers were there to hold the doors? The garden entrance was the weakest barrier.

Hands dug behind his shoulders, brought him to sitting; shifted to his armpits and started to lift him before he gasped, "Slowly." They let him sit then, just for a moment, before they lifted him. When his feet touched the floor, he tried to support his weight and could not. His muscles had the strength of water. He couldn't lock his knees. His arms were brought around necks, across shoulders, and held against chests with bruising grips on his forearms. Arms crossed beneath his buttocks and he was lifted off his feet. They carried him across the room, shuffled sideways through the door, hitting his knee on the doorframe before they made it into the hall.

A sound like the distant roar of a river grew louder as he was carried along the hall, and louder still as they started up the stairs to the roof.

"Hide Kayarra," he said, not certain the men who carried him up the stairs could hear him over the sound of their own panting breaths. It was crucial that Kayarra not be on the roof when he arrived and he wasn't certain they understood that. Shurna would understand, but he couldn't figure a way to tell her.

* * * *

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