Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 5: Worlds of Wonder

Welcome to Day 5 of Worlds of Wonder blog hop, where anything is possible . . . on Earth and across the galaxy. Imagination is the only limitation on adventure, so prepare to escape the known world and immerse in realms where rumors, myths and legends abound.

Through December 13th, meet some fantastic science fiction and fantasy authors, hear what their characters and reviewers have to say, sample excerpts from their novels, and discover what they’d like to learn from readers.

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Moons’ Kiss

They found him in the South Ofrann Desert, where everything evil lived. Most called him a demon. One leader thought this man-without-a-past held the key to tribal peace and prosperity. That leader's enemies saw an opportunity to gain control of the nation.


Shon regis Aya, can you tell us what single thing or goal you want most in life?

To maintain national unity, which is the pledge I accepted when I swore the Oath of Yatra. But to achieve that means healing the divisions my stepbrother Hyran created by his jealousy and lust for power, and disproving the rumors that Yatren leaders are controlled by a demon.

A demon . . . meaning Kayarra?


Which of those problems will be easiest for you to fix?

Probably the Hyranian problem. With Hyran dead, I question whether his wife’s had time to consolidate her position. She might gain South Ofrann support, but I can’t see the Thurrang accepting a woman’s leadership and decisions. They’d be more likely to kill or usurp her and attempt to seize power themselves. But that still leaves the underlying social problems that allowed Hyran to gain an audience and followers in the first place.

That’s simpler than the question of who or what Kayarra is?

The Kayarran problem is rooted in Yatren history and fanned by the fear of demons. I have a chance of resolving complaints of inequality and hunger. I can lose my life if I misstep the handling of raw fear, and that’s what I’m facing with the Kayarran issue. Pure emotions have no logic or controls.

If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be and why?

I would never have allowed Manerra’s mother to leave Ayahn Rahh until he was two years old. That was the single worse decision of my life. Why? Because I see the consequences of that decision every day. Manerra still flinches from a sudden movement or an upraised hand. He still doesn’t trust anyone, not even himself. He doesn’t believe our father capable of protecting him because of things he went through the night Tackta almost killed his mother and beat him senseless.

* * * *

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